SPN3 Neckbrace

Our newly designed SPN3 neck support is customized for every customer and can be specialadapted in our workshop.


There are 4 different designs:



SPN3 customized neckbrace with black or freaky (red-blue-yellow-mixed) soft pads. Without dekor-kit.

280,- €



SPN3 customized neckbrace with black or freaky (red-blue-yellow-mixed) soft pads. With dekor-kit in any color.

300,- €



SPN3 customized neckbrace with soft pads in any color (black, red, pink, blue, yellow or freaky) AND

dekor-kit in any color AND your name and number on the dekor-kit.

320,- €


Black Edition:

SPN3 customized neckbrace with n awesome all black dekor kit. It comes together with the black edition suicide basecap and is just looking great.

313,- €


In the case of a fall in which the head of the wearer is subjected to an action of force in the direction of the chest or shoulder, the SPN3 is intended to intercept the driver's helmet through the inserted soft pads and thus support the muscles and bands of the neck which counteract to the movement of the head as a result of an external force.

In the event of a force which pushes the head backwards, this action should be taken over from the support surface at the slide plate, the rear soft pad and the rear mainframe of the SPN3. This reacting forces flowing via two rear pillars into the body beside the spine or the back protector. In the case of an excessive load, the connections between the rear mainframe and the rear pillers should fail as a breakingpoint.


Here are the documents for online-ordering:

SPN3 measuring guide for order (PDF)
SPN3 Neckbrace Measuring V5 English.pdf
PDF-Dokument [363.2 KB]
SPN3 measuring guide for order (word)
SPN3 Neckbrace Measuring V5 English.doc
Microsoft Word-Dokument [462.5 KB]

CAUTION IMPORTANT: Each driver must be aware of the high risk of these dangerous bike-sports. The SPN3 only supports the neck and neck muscles and bands to prevent the excessive deflection of the head by an external force. The SPN3 can not prevent an injury in the neck and neck area in case the force is to high and in the worst case, a neck element (regardless of which manufacturer) can even cause an injury  by an unfavorable movement. Every driver and / or his or her education officer must be aware of these facts. The manufacturer can not assume liability for this.


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