SPK1 Kneebraces

First of all, the main tasks of an MX knee brace:

1.Stabilization of the knee joint and protection of the apparatus of the knee, especially with lateral loads.

2.Protection of the knee in case of external force by impact damping and force distribution.

3.Movement stoppers to protect the knee from hyperextension.

4. Comfort and freedom of movement

Our Approach:

For our knee orthoses, we use blanks from orthopedic technology made of high-quality aluminum alloy. For optimum fit, the upper and lower limbs are measured for each customer, the appropriate blanks are selected and then the frames individually adapted to you.

The stable joints can absorb high lateral forces and offer additional protection against injuries. The SPK1 always finds the right position by means of fastening straps on the front and back and the overstretch protection can be adjusted in 5 °steps.


The SPK1 is additionally equipped with a patella-foam for protection against impacts.

We use:

  • 20mm SAFE MAX soft-pads (Competition) or
  • ca. 15mm SAS-Tec mid-soft-pads (Evolution) or
  • 2x5mm SAFE MAX hard-foam-pads (RacePro)


These foam-parts are additionally reinforced with a individually cutted hard shell.

For best wearing comfort, the patella-protection is integrated into the aluminum frame and can be perfectly positioned with elastic velcro straps.

The shin guard for mountain bikers is optional and costs only a small extra charge.


Info: The different models of the SPK1 differ only in the material used for the patellar protection.


For online-ordering with self-measuring-guide you can use these formulars:

SPK1 Kneebrace Measuring (PDF)
SPK1 Kneebrace Measuring V3 English.pdf
PDF-Dokument [217.9 KB]
SPK1 Kneebrace Measuring (WORD)
SPK1 Kneebrace Measuring V3 English.doc
Microsoft Word-Dokument [2.4 MB]


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