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Suicide Protection means customized protection gear for Motocross, Enduro, Downhill MTB, Boardsports or any kind of Extremesports.


Here you can not buy just a protector in a confection size - at Suicide Protection every part is especially made for you.


And for this reason we need a lot of information about you in case you decide that we should build some customized protection gear for you.


Click at the different products on the left and get some informations about the products you see there. In case you want to order one of them there are two ways to do that:


1. give us a call at +49 7529 2791 and we will arrange a meeting in our workshop to do the measurement and find the best parts for you. After manufacturing them (2-4 weeks) we will arrange a second meeting to addapt the products to you and your other equipment.


2. below the information about the product you will find a document for ordering. Download the document and you will be guidet to choose the right parts and doing the measurement. Send these filled out document together with 3 pictures of you to our email and we will produce the protectiongear for you. Then you can choose if you want to come for addaption to our workshop or we should send the gear to you.


If there are any questions please dont hesitate to call us.


Please notice that we can only deliever in the EU.


Achtung: Termine nur nach Absprache - keine festen Öffnungszeiten!

Kontakt am besten per Mail an suicideprotection@gmail.com


ruft einfach an:

 +49 7529 48799-13

(bitte nur falls niemand da aufs Handy)

Markus:  +49 157 37741597

Rene: +49 152 33929498


nutzt unser Kontaktformular.

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